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Pricing Information (as of Aug 1, 2023)

New Pricing Policy: any gross orders under $100 will
require additional shipping charges


Harness Refurbishment:

1964.5 - 1973 Underdash: $200.00      *Core Charge: $50
          1967- 1973 Cougar XR7: $225.00      *Core Charge: $75  
1967-1973 Underdash Tach Conversion: $250.00      *Core Charge: $50  
1967-1968 Dash Cluster harness:   $50.00      *Core Charge: $25  
1964.5 - 1973 Tail-Light:   $50.00      *Core Charge: $25         No braiding
          6 bulb Tail-lights:   $75.00      *Core Charge: $25         No braiding
1964.5 - 1970 Headlamp Engine harness   $75.00     *Core Charge: $25      
1971 - 1973 Headlamp Engine harness $100.00

*Core Charge: $35


1971 - 1973 center console gauge harness


*Core Charge: $15

1964.5 - 1966 Gauge/Alternator Feed   $35.00      *Core Charge: $10        No warranty



1969-1973 Accessory fuse extender        $35.00
1969-1973 Circuit Card Replacement/Hard-wiring Dash Cluster        $125.00
1969-1973 Aftermarket Cluster/Gauge Wiring        $75.00
1969-1973 Headlamp Feed Re-pinning Connector:        $50.00
1964.5 - 1966 Wiper Harness, if not part of
underdash refurbishment:
Fuses   $1.00 each
Connectors, plugs, pins, etc.:              Call

We also buy used underdash harnesses, regardless of condition!  Mustang harnesses are typically purchased for $50 each.  Other vintage Ford harnesses are of interest; contact us for information and pricing.

*Core Charge: A core charge is a fee to promote the recycling of used harnesses into refurbished harnesses.  If you provide your existing harness for repair, there is no need for a core charge.  If you buy a harness outright, take the price of refurbishment and add the core charge to it.  I buy cores at the prices indicated and if they are in good enough condition, I refurbish them for re-sale.  If they are not in good enough condition, they are used to cannibalize connectors, pins, fuse blocks, wiring, etc. to repair your harness.  You can also reduce the cost of refurbishment if you send in your existing harness and another harness as a core; in this case reduce the price of refurbishment by the core charge indicated.


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