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Randy Jacobson
Midlife Harness Restorations
9560 E Briana Ln
Tucson, AZ 85748

Shipping Information:

We recommend either UPS or FedEx Ground shipments, as we have excellent service in our area. In addition, both services offer signature-free insurance for up to $400. The US Post Office is another alternative, but tracking of the package is not always available. International shipments are best handled through the mail due to the high costs of commercial shipping firms.

Remove all bulbs, fuses, and switches from the harness, as they only add weight and shipping costs.

We also recommend sending us an e-mail with the tracking number so we can better anticipate delivery. We will e-mail you upon receipt of the harness.

Outgoing shipments are via FedEx Ground or US Post Office for international addresses. One mailed, we e-mail you with a tracking number.

Payment Information:

We prefer PayPal or a personal check, made out to Randy Jacobson or "Midlife Harness Restorations".  For international orders, a bank draft in US Dollars from a US bank is required, as none of our local banks will exchange foreign currency. PayPal is available but fees are applied upon each transfer. PayPal works great for international payments, but fees must be added.

Enclose the check or bank draft with your shipment, or mail it separately to the address above.





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