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Example of Splicing and Trouble-Shooting:


A 1972 harness was being restored, and the radio
plug was found to have broken wires:

The wires were butt-splice and crimped:

The butt-splice was covered by heakshrink:

A final test of resistance found the crimped wires
passed a "less than 1 ohm" test, but the blue/red
wire showed variable resistance when the wire
was moved about the entry point into the molded
plug.  The plug was removed and another, similar
plug was retrieved from another harness.

Both set of wires are butt-spliced and

Both set of butt-splices are now covered
with heatshrink tubing:

Here's a picture of the harness before
restoration (it's in very good shape):

After all repairs, cleaning, and testing, the
final product:



1965 GT Underdash Harness:




1969 Tach Conversion Underdash Harness:



1970 Standard Underdash Harness:






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