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Welcome to Midlife Harness Restorations!

New e-mail address!
My old e-mail provider is stopping service as of Aug. 1, 2023.
My new e-mail address is harnesses66@gmail.com

I am now up and running as of March 25, 2024.  Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: Please e-mail or phone before shipping
anything to ensure I will be home to receive packages.

  Thank you.


New Phone Number: 850-624-7528

Now working 7 days a week

New Pricing Policy: any gross orders under $100 will
require additional shipping charges

What We Do: We offer refurbishment services for vintage Mustang underdash and related harnesses at attractive prices with a two year, no questions asked, guarantee for the non-concours hobbyist. We can also convert 1967-1973 non-tach harnesses to a tach configuration.

How We Do It: Every harness is examined for broken insulation, wires, connectors, and pins, and repaired using only OEM components and professional tooling. Every harness is cleaned and re-taped where appropriate. Every wire is checked for continuity and any wire run showing higher than expected resistance is repaired. Repairs are typically made using uninsulated butt-splices and covered with heat-shrink, in accordance with best practices in the electrical repair industry.

What Comes With Service: Every harness comes with a new set of fuses, a complete printout of each wire's connector type, wire color, wire number, function, and where that wire goes within the harness, an instruction sheet for short-free installation, and a two year, no questions asked, guaranty. Shipping within the US is included in the pricing.

How Much Does It Cost: Refurbishment of an underdash harness is $200, and a core charge of $50. Conversion from non-tach to tach configuration is $50.  We prefer to refurbish your harness instead of replacing it with an existing one; this insures your harness will have the necessary connections for your set of equipment options.

Why Do We Do This: The cost of quality reproduction underdash harnesses is risen to unprecedented levels. While the quality of reproduction is excellent, the average hobbyist has little alternative but to repair an existing harness or go to others who offer concours level harness restoration services. Our harnesses are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original performance specifications, but may have visual flaws when compared to concours-level restoration efforts. These flaws typically include splices with shrink-tubing that may be visible. However, all wiring, when installed correctly, cannot be seen by a Judge without extraordinary effort.

Other Related Services:

  • Tailight Harnesses: These harnesses will be refurbished but the weaved sleeving is not replaced or repaired. The reason is that the sleeving originally was made of cotton (i.e. flammable) and is no longer made. Cost is $50. Guarantee is included.
  • 64.5-66 Emergency Switches: Replacement of the E-Switch itself and refurbishment of the sub-harness (pre-late-1966) for $50. Replacement of the E-Switch for late 1966 systems is $25. Guarantee is included.
  • 67-68 Dash Cluster Subharnesses: Refurbishment of the two subharnesses is $50 with a core charge of $25. Guarantee is included.
  • Headlight Engine, Gauge, and Alternator Harnesses: I do not recommend refurbishment of these harnesses, as the reproduction versions are usually of excellent quality. Further, these harnesses have been exposed to the heat and elements for several decades, degrading the quality of the wiring and connectors by corrosion. Some years are not available in reproduction, so those harnesses can be refurbished but without a guarantee.
  • Miscellaneous Parts and Connectors: Looking for an unusual connector? We may have it in stock, so contact us to see if it is available and what the cost would be.
  • Cougar Harnesses: Contact us with your Cougar needs.


How Long Does It Take: Typically, it takes one full day per underdash harness. With a recent retirement, we now work 7 days a week.  Harnesses are refurbished on a first-in basis. Depending upon how many orders have been received, turnaround time is typically one to two weekends. Upon receipt of the harness, we will e-mail you with an anticipated work schedule.





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